Alan Storer


Alan joined the club in April 1983 and by the start of the 1987 season was 1st Team Captain, during this year our secretary Peter Rabbit passed away and Alan took on the role of Club Secretary, a role he was to hold for the remainder of 1987 and the next 13 consecutive years until 2000 and also for another two years from 2003 to 2004.

Alan has served the club as Secretary for longer than any other member and during this time he was also a leading figure on the South Derbyshire committee holding the position of their Vets Secretary and Treasurer for a number of years

Alan instituted the clubs Champion of Champions competition in 2001 and although he took part in the competition in his later years, he was never successful enough to win it

Sadly Alan passed away in 2010 and will be much missed by all members of the club

Bowls Success at Chad Park

Competition Name Winner Runner Up
Arthur Hall 1986, 1987, 1989 1990
Datapath Triples 2000  
Gents Championship 1992, 1994 1993
Gents Handicap 1983 1991, 1993
Gents Doubles 1996 1992, 1995
Over 65's 1989, 1990 1994, 1995
Over 70's 2006  
Peter Rabbit Rose Bowl   1990, 1992
Ray Hanson 1991  
Mixed Doubles 1984 1995
Under 65's 1984, 1987  

Bowls Success in External Competitions

Competition Name Winner Runner Up
South Derbyshire Vets Individual Merit 1989, 1993  

Alan was also a member of several teams at the club and helped them gain promotion and league winners status

One of Alan's Greatest achievements was when he was in the team that were the South Derbyshire Division 4 champions and then went on to win the Champion of Champions competition in 1998, the team followed this success by becoming the Division 3 champions in 1989.  More details of this historic event can be found here

Other notable Events

During Alan's years as club secretary he had many dealings with members of the council concerning the condition of the clubs green and the facilities we have at the club.   While we were pleased to have Alan on our side it may not have been so pleasing for the people he dealt with on a day to day basis and the ode below was produced by Steve Medlock of the council parks department

Ode to the secretary by Steve Medlock

Alan Storer is your secretary' s name
Grown Green Bowling is his game
If the green is not just right
Then he has great delight
To ring me saying "your to blame"

I can always tell when Alan's Away
My phone rings only once a day
In the office there is peace
My head-aches all begin to cease
My hair stays brown instead of turning Grey

Alan as you know can be a man of Guile
So i was wary when he came to me wearing his special smile
Make that new green a little hill
Then we'll all have a great thrill
Co's we'll beat the visiting teams by a mile

However seriously it must be said
That without him the Club might be dead
To get things here just right
He'll mither, morning noon and night
Till Chaddesdens known as the Club ahead

While Steve may not be challenging the Poet Lauriat for a job, his comments show that Alan had dogged determination when it came to getting things done for the club and those of us who knew him can all confirm that he had a special way of getting you to do things or persuading you to take on roles within the club.

And Finally

Alan's fund raising for the club was exemplary and he never missed a trick when it came to getting people to sponsor chairs or contribute a bit more money to club funds, during his term as secretary the club saw may improvements including the obtaining of a liquor licence and the laying of the willow green and the score hut for the green being erected along with many other improvements to the clubs facilities.

Alan's energies were not solely directed on the development of the facilities and he also helped to develop the bowling abilities of members.  He was always on hand to lend a knowledgeable word of encouragement and often held introductory lessons for new bowlers each season where he covered the rules of the club, where everything was held (He liked to keep the club tidy) and then for anyone who had not bowled before, he taught them the different methods of holding a bowl and the different stances for delivery.