Rather than supply details of club addresses that are available in handbooks and on other web sites, this site will maintain a file for use with satellite navigation systems which are becoming popular.


The following link will allow you to download a file of club locations in a .CSV format (Comma Separated Values)
(Right click on the link and select "Save as" to save the file on your PC) - This file was last updated on Saturday 20th May 2006

N.B. This file does not contain all bowls clubs in the area, others will be added as their location is known

This file should be capable of loading into a Satellite Navigation system using a POI (Points Of Interest) loader which you can normally obtain from you manufacturers web site.   The supplied file contains four columns of data for each club - Longitude, Latitude, Name and Details.  The column names in the file many need changing if your POI loader program expects different names

Any set of Details starting with (Est) are estimates based on the authors best estimate of the club location from previous visits, but should get you within 50 feet of the club entrance.   Entries without (Est) at the beginning have been established by recording the location with a Satellite Navigation system while at the green, accuracy will then depend on the individual Satellite Navigation system being used

Some Sat Nav systems allow you to load a bitmap with the CSV file to show an icon on the map display, the following file is a 22 x 22 bitmap that represents a bowl on a bowling green Bowlsclub.bmp (Right click on the link and select "Save as" to save the file on your PC) 

Further Updates

Locations of other clubs will be added as these are established over the coming months/years.  
If you have details of other clubs that you wish adding to this file then please email them to davehill@chaddesdenparkbowlsclub.co.uk