The details below are a copy of the minutes from the inaugural meeting of Chaddesden park bowls club as extracted from the minute book.

The format has been altered to aid presentation and reading.


For members wishing to see the original documents, a Scan of these can be found here > page1 page2 page3



Chaddesden Park Bowls Club (1955)


Item 1) Inaugural Meeting.


This meeting was held at 7:45pm on September 13th 1955 in the Park Hotel Chaddesden when the following ladies and gentlemen were in attendance.


Mrs Spencer Snr

Mrs E Spencer

Mr J Gibson

Mr W Insley

Mr George Spencer

Mr F Byard

Mr F Matley

Mr F Miles

Mr L Mortimer

Mr T McAllistair

Mr George Brailsford

Mr R Dean

Mr Harry Noon

Mr A Treece

Mr W Bagley

Mr G Poxon

Mr K Herbert

Mr H Baldy

Mr J Millar

Mr G Haywood

Mr G Smith

Mr H Brown

Mr J Pan

Mr E Allcock

Mr J Davis

Mr G Boumer

Mr J W Cook

Mr Tommy Selby



Item 2) Officials Elected.


Mr W Bagley and G Poxon were elected as scrutinisers for the ballot papers, the resultant election for the club officials was as follows:



Mr J Gibson

Vice President

(no name recorded)


Mr W Insley

Hon Sec

Mr G Spencer

45 Valley Road *


Mr A Treece

552 Normanton Road *

Team Captain

Mr T Selby

25 Winchester Crescent *


Mr H Baldy


Mr G Brailsford


Mr F Maltby


Mr F Miles


Mr H Noon

9 South Drive *


* The addresses (where present) were noted in the minute book in pencil


Item 3) Subscription Fund.


Mr Treece informed the meeting that the sum of 7: 17: 00 had been subscribed by intending members of the club prior to the meeting.


Item 4) Annual Club subscriptions.


After some discussion it was agreed that the Annual Subscription should be graded as follows:-

(1) Playing Members


per annum

(2) Honorary Members


per annum

(3) O.A.P


per annum

These subscriptions would be exclusive to the charge of 6d by the Chaddesden Parish Council


Item 5) South Derbyshire Amateur Crown Green Association.


It was agreed that the secretary enter one team for the coming season in the leagues of the above association.


Item 6) Gift of Mr J Cooper.


The Secretary reported that Mr J Cooper of Chaddesden Park Road had presented the club with a cup for yearly competition for the individual merit.


A letter of thanks would e sent by the Secretary on behalf of the members.


Item 7) Greenkeeper.


Tribute was paid by the Chairman to the work of Mr W Vickers the greenkeeper.  The green, the Chairman said, had improved 100% on the last 12 months.


Item 8) (no title)


Mr F Miles thanked the members for their best wishes for his speedy recovery to health whilst in hospital. Their thoughts he said, had been conveyed in a letter received by him from the Secretary


Item 9) (no title)


Mrs Spencer Snr. & Mrs E Spencer were accorded a vote of thanks for their part in helping with the refreshments on the occasion of the home friendly match with the Celanese.  A suitable present was handed to the ladies.


The Secretary stated that he had dealt a similar treatment to Mrs J Blount who apologised for her non attendance


The meeting closed at 9:30pm




It was regretted that Mr T Duerdin was not present to receive his plaque, for winning the club individual competition.






From these minutes you can see that prior to the inaugural meeting, the green at Chaddesden Park was already in use by members of the public, they paid the parish council for each use of the green and arranged friendly matches with other clubs and organised competitions amongst themselves on an unofficial/informal basis.


The formation of Chaddesden Park Bowls Club allowed them to enter teams into the local bowling league and presented them with a format for recruiting new members and extending their love of the game of Crown Green Bowls.