Club Rules

Below is a copy of the first set of rules
These were established at the second meeting of the committee on
26th February 1956

Where prices are quoted in the rules the values in green are the 2010 equivalent prices for comparison based on average wage increases

1.      The club shall be called Chaddesden Park Bowls Club 

2.      The management shall be vested in a committee of NINE members which shall include the Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Captain and Vice Captain.  All officers shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting.  Five members shall form a Quorum.  The committee shall have the power to co-opt 

3.      The Annual General Meeting shall be in October each year. 

4.      A Special Annual General Meeting may be called for any purpose by written notice being given to the secretary signed by not less than 20 members, stating the object of the meeting.  The Committee shall decide the time and place of such meeting 

5.      Subscriptions shall be as follows
        Playing Members          7/6d                                            18.00
        Honorary Members      5/-                                               12.00
        O.A.P.                         3/9d                                            8.99
These amounts shall be exclusive of the green fee charged by the parish council subject to the provisions of rule 7 
* the green fee at this time was 6d     In 2010 this converts to 1.20 using average wages

6.      The committee shall have the power to terminate a membership at any time should evidence be before them to warrant such action (The membership fee shall be forfeited in such case) 

7.      Members taking part in home matches are expected to pay their opponents green fee except where otherwise decided by the committee 

8.      Resignations from membership should be handed to the secretary by 30th Sept in each year 

9.      The committee shall arrange all club competitions 

10.  Amendments or additions to these rules can only be made at an annual general meeting and such intimation must be lodged with the secretary at least 14 days before the date of the Annual General Meeting 

11.  All members are expected to adhere to the rules and other provisions of the South Derbyshire Crown Green Amateur Bowling Association