Below is a list of all the teams we run, where and when each team plays, the captain of the team and their contact number

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Team Green Time Captain Contact Number
S.D. Mens 1st Team Willow Evening Julie Tooth 608819
S.D. Ladies 1st Team Willow Wed Evening June Roberts 602594
S.D. Ladies 2nd Team Willow Wed Evening Brenda Lightfoot 672702
S.D. Mens Vets 1st Team Willow Afternoon Sid Radford 603235
S.D. Mens Vets 2nd Team Park Afternoon Joe Walters 660248
S.D. Senior Ladies 1st Team Willow Tues Afternoon June Roberts 602594
S.D. Senior Ladies 2nd Team Willow Tues Afternoon Pat Litherland 665101
S.D. Floodlit Team Willow Evening (end of season) Joe Walters 660248
B.L. Saturday Singles 1st Team Willow Sat Afternoon John Hickford 670033
B.L. Saturday Singles 2nd Team Willow Sat Afternoon John Kettle 671996
B.L. Saturday Singles 3rd Team Park Sat Afternoon Joy Wood 735190
B.L. Saturday Singles 4th Team Park Sat Afternoon Malcolm Taylor 602346
B.L. Ladies 1st Team Willow Thur Evening Sheilagh Taylor 673319
B.L. Ladies 2nd Team Willow Thur Evening Pat Litherland 665101
B.L. Wednesday Doubles A Team Park Wed Evening Julie Tooth 608819
B.L. Over 55's A Team Willow Wed Afternoon Brenda Fitzhugh 661935
B.L. Over 55's B Team Willow Wed Afternoon Brenda Lightfoot 672702
B.L. Over 55's C Team Park Wed Afternoon Anne Humphrey 661736