Application for Membership


Application Date            ________________

Title                               ____________________

Forenames                     ___________________________

Surname                        ____________________________

Address & Postcode     __________________________________





Email Address               __________________________________

Telephone No.              __________________________________

Date of Birth                 __________________________________ 

Have you bowled before


If YES have you bowled in a league


Are you a member of any other club


If YES please give the name of the Club/Clubs   


If applicable please quote your BCGBA number ________________________________________

If your application is for social bowling this will last for one year after this you will then

become a FULL MEMBER

Is your application for League Bowling                    YES/NO


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Seconded by               __________________________________


DATA PROTECTION All private information is held by the Secretary and Treasurer only
phone numbers may be displayed at your discrection on our notice boards for the use of our captains.

Completed application forms can be given to Sheelagh Taylor or to any member who will pass them on to the secretary or a committee member